About Us

Our company was established in 1994. We’re the only commercial company in Slovak republic, that built up technology to work with high-activity sealed radioactive sources by building The Hot Chamber. It allows us to work with high-activity sealed radioactive sources that contain isotopes 60 Co, 137 Cs, 192 Ir, 75 Se, 241 Am and others used in different fields of industry, science and technology.

The Hot Chamber is an appliance, that structurally shield the penetrance of ionizing radiation to reach the outer workspace.  It allows the manipulation with radioactive source to take a sample, to check the serial number, to make a visual check of the radioactive source or to take a photo documentation or any other manipulation with the radioactive source.


In cooperation with  SE, a.s., o.z.SE-VYZ a KVS, s.r.o. we processed a proposal of the project  “Disposal of used closed radioactive sources in Slovak Republic.” In 2000 we submitted a proposal of the project  “Survey of the state and disposal of used closed radioactive sources in Slovak Republic.”
In 2003 our company invited the project “The Illicit Traffic Management System for materials contaminated with radio nuclides”,  which successfully gets into the use in Slovak Republic  (Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, Customs Administration of the Slovak Republic, Slovak Railways, Emergency System, The Joint Supervisory Body of radiation safety in Slovakia). Integral part of the proposal was also a development and implementation of information system  ILTRAM, which stores the information about the illicit traffic of radioactive materials and found orphaned radioactive sources and provides online notification to  participating authorities – until now we are still system maintainer and provider.
We have a gamma spectrometric laboratory with ability to measure high activities.
We offer consultancy in the expertise of Nuclear Chemistry and Radio ecology, Nuclear Physics and dosimetry.
We are developing information systems and mobile applications for complex data processing in the field of radioactive materials, their registration, use, transportation and disposal.

Based on permission ÚVZ SR č. OOZPŽ/7269/2010 and ÚJD SR č. 234/2002  we provide also:

  • import, export, sale, maintenance and disposal radioactive sources and shielding containers and NDT projectors
  • issuance of Slovak certificates and accompanying letters for radioactive sources, verification of the foreign certificates
  • leak tests of radioactive sources according to orders of the Slovak Government regulation No. 345/2006 Z.z
  • identification and photo documentation of radioactive sources
  • authorized services of projectors for gamma defectoscopy

We offer additional equipment to increase safety in the use of radioactive sources – light signaling, warning signs of hot zones, personal dosimeters.

For our customers we offer a temporary storage facility for short term storage of high activity sealed radioactive sources.

We offer complex solutions of supply of ionizing radiation sources from the initial analysis to delivery, installation and maintenance.

We provide the transport of radioactive sources, radioactive waste and objects contaminated by radiation under permission of Minister of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic (MDVRR SR) – Head of the Department of Public Health Officer Ministry No. 4544/2012 in the terms of an international agreement on International Carriage of Dangerous Goods of ADR Class 7.

Our company currently holds National Security Clearance on level Top Secret, EU Top Secret and NATO Cosmic.