Safety & Security & CBRNe

Our company participate since 2004 on international security projects for global threats reduction initiative and counter terrorism in cooperation with law enforcement and military units of Slovak Republic. CBRNe is an acronym for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives threats.

IMG_5459We are the leader of simulation and scenario-based training of radiological threats in Slovak Republic with focus on security&safety during each scenario following legals regulations. Simulations are performed by monitored use of specific nuclear and radioactive materials which are suitable for given situation.

Safety during these simulations is guaranteed by continous supervision by ours radiation safety officers, high-end monitoring and shielding instruments.

Our company offers its know-how and our technical equipment and facility in case of emergency situations also on commercial basis for IMG_0682private companies in case of nuclear indicent/accidents with orphaned sources, identification, disposal and safe handling or storage of nuclear and radioactive materials. We offer a manufacturing of custom shielding boxes, container for radioactive materials storage together with projects and rules for safe handling, manipulation and transportation of radioactive materials.

We offer to our clients also a warehouse storage with advanced physical and electronic protection level according to last security trends, where your radioactive and nuclear materials could be safely stored for desired time.

The partners we mostly cooperate during the simulations and field training exercises