We offer local and international transport of Radioactive Materials according to ADR class 7 regulations. Due to transport of Radioactive Materials over territory of Slovak Republic, further permissions and acknowledgement from Slovak regulators are required, ADR 7 is vital but not sufficient permission.

Do you need to transport Radioactive Materials over Slovak territory and you do not own the permission from Slovak regulators to do so? It’s not a problem. Talk to us, we offer complex services to help you to get one-time-permission for such a transportation, services of Slovak Radiation Safety Officer as well as an escort over Slovak territory with highly qualified crew member to ensure you safe and quick journey.


Our company developed and use an information system TRAM to notify regulators about the upcoming transportation of radioactive materials as per Slovak legislation. Clicking the TRAM logo, you will be redirected to login screen with possibility to register for free demo version.


Our fleet :